~The End of Round One~

In a fit of impatience, I decided to flip on Wolfing Controls and set it to fast mode. Not knowing who would be the last standing, I rushed ahead in search of the winner. As it turns out, nobody missed much action. Both of them remained in their preferred homes, Jewels in the Norn Terrarium, Davidson in the Meso. Both of them minded their own business as they reached old age.

However, there was one major difference. While Davidson stayed a creature of habit, eating, playing, just happily doing his thing; Jewels decided to shun all food and remain by the lift for the rest of her days. She resigned herself to death while Davidson happily carried on as he has for his entire life. As such, it is with great joy that I announce Davidson as the winner of Round One! Congratulations, Spykkie!

Twelve Norns were sent out to live their lives for this run, but only one truly survived. Davidson, a happy homebody who was content to stay put with his carefree existence while the others went out in search of adventure. The humble little Harlequin has risen to the top, earning his place in the winner's circle. It's true what they say, there really is no place like home!

*Nice (M Chichi) - OctoberFlash
*Jewels (F Painted Chichi) - Grendel Man
*Marty (M Zebra) - Puddini
*Martha (F Bengal) - Charity
*Tigger (M Treehugger) - Rascii
*Stella (F Astro) - Panda-mist
*Tom (M Fallow) - Emma
*FiFi (F Siamese) - magpie-angel

*Davidson (M Harlequin) - spykkie
*Tolerance (F Magma) - Odul
*Rupert (M Bondi) - kezune

For all those who didn't win, remember that you still have two more chances, should you wish to enter again! Stay tuned for the next round!


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