Creatures Village Reorchestrated, Review~

Hello everyone! Here I am, writing up a review for our good friend C-Rex, of Docking Station Galaxy fame, for his new Creatures album, Creatures Village Reorchestrated.

I've always been a big fan of Creatures Village, and I especially love it's happy, upbeat music. And I can say for certain, I never thought I'd ever find a better version than the original. Yet, I stand corrected! C-Rex has outdone himself with this album. Simply magnificent. Each song has been given a touch of warmth, sounding more realistic yet still keeping it's cheerful charms.

I start with the Nursery track. This is the first track anyone would hear playing the game, so it seemed fitting to start there. I find myself smiling as I hear the familiar tune, and grinning at the warm, sweet tones. The charming nursery music has been rendered so well, it sounds like something I'd go pay to see in a music hall. It brings the same feeling as hatching your first Norn, warm, comforting, and wondrous.

I'm then taken to the Kitchen track. The bouncy track has always been one of my favorites, and now, it's been redone in such a way I can barely describe! Similar to the nursery music, it has the smooth, warm tones of the piano melded into the happy tune. Well done indeed!

Now onto the Toyroom. Such a playful tune in the original, I often found it too "in your face" for my tastes. But, this version seems much less intrusive, while still maintaining the bouncy melody of the original. Not my favorite, but a wonderful playtime ditty, all the same.

I decide to go right to one of my favorites, Mud World! Wow, wow, wow! Just when I think it couldn't possibly get better, it does! This is by far one of the best musics I've heard in a long time. While it is sadly short, the end ties to the beginning so well, that I didn't realize I'd listened to it five times before I looked. It's definitely one that you wouldn't tire of hearing.

Ah, the Swamp. A grin is brought to my face by the use of new instruments for this one. It sounds so silly and just, well, swampy! And yet, it sounds so grand at the same time, especially near the end. Greatly contrasting to the little tunes of the house, it's a wonderful addition as well as great adventure music, I must say.

Speaking of adventures, how about a Roller Coaster ride? This was nothing like I ever expected for something meant for Creatures Village. This track is simply too good for words. It meshes so well with the odd little temple in the background of the roller coaster itself, and has a general jungle-y feel. Definitely fit for adventure!

To the Village! I love the woodwind sounds I hear in this track. I do wish it was a little slower paced, but it's beautiful all the same. I find myself thinking of rolling green fields and a little Norn's "Journey" across Albia. Personally, I think this rendition of the familiar village music is fit for Albia itself! Marvelous.

I almost forgot one of the main attractions, the Fair itself! I am blown away with what's been done for this lovely tune. So many different sounds, all harmonized into what can only be described as a symphony. A simply AMAZING rendering of the beloved fair music. It's upbeat, bouncy, and fun, just what a fair music should be! A charming toe-tapper, if you ask me.

Alas, it's unavoidable that Norns don't last forever. I never thought there was room for much improvement on the death music, yet once again, I stand corrected. The breathtaking keys of the piano offset the somber sounds of the tune that always accompanies the little Norns' death. While short, wonders have been done to this little melody.

The only last track to hear was one of my all time favorites. Yes, the Graveyard melody. So sweet in its simplicity, yet so sad all the same. Ohh, how beautifully this song has been reorchestrated. I cannot begin to describe the feelings invoked by the soft tones. It tugged my heartstrings and brought a tear to my eye. I hear the strings near the middle, and they just start flowing. Simply beautiful.

I have got to say, the album brings a certain sense of wonder to the game. While it's often deemed childish, I think these lovely melodies can bring the sweet little game down to earth. I cannot wait to hear what else C-Rex has brewing for the rest of the songs. Simply wondrous luv. *applause*

This has been your happy Harlequin friend, signing off!

Luv, Darby Doo


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