Project Teddy Wolfling Run Begins!!

For the very first contest for Project Teddy, I've decided to hold a Wolfling Run! You can see all the details about it on this thread from Creatures Caves:

All the Norns have been chosen and named, and it's time to begin! All the Norns are listed below, with their respective sponsors! Who are you rooting for?

*Bubbles (F Bruin) - GirlySatan
*Nice (M Chichi) - OctoberFlash
*Jewels (F Painted Chichi) - Grendel Man
*Marty (M Zebra) - Puddini
*Martha (F Bengal) - Charity
*Tigger (M Treehugger) - Rascii
*Stella (F Astro) - Panda-mist
*Tom (M Fallow) - Emma
*FiFi (F Siamese) - magpie-angel
*Davidson (M Harlequin) - spykkie
*Tolerance (F Magma) - Odul
*Rupert (M Bondi) - kezune


 Feel free to download the Norns for your own world here!

And the game begins! The Norns are set loose in the world, now completely free to do whatever their tiny hearts desire. Which at the moment appears to be huddling together in a big crowd! The sounds of slapping and unhappiness emanated from the group as the Norns try to escape the stuffiness of the heating pan. Poor Jewels appears to be getting picked on by Fifi! Naughty girl, don't you know there's room for everyone?

Nice is the first to wander off on his own, snatching up the first object he sees and making a beeline for the nearest lift. Bubbles has managed to escape the throng and now hoards the Robot toy all for herself, while Tigger stands contemplating the teleporter, clearly distressed at how crowded this place is!

The Norns make their way about the Capillata, spreading out and exploring their home. Bubbles gives Tom and Rupert a few good slaps as she defends her robot toy, while Marty, Martha, Jewels, and Stella try to escape the wrath of a crowded Siamese! My my, these little Norns can get violent! Hang in there girls!

Rupert decides to venture forth out of the Norn Meso, and stumbles upon a rather unfortunate surprise. It seems his new friend, a Toxic Norn doll, isn't as fun as he expected. Poor little Bondi got a heavy dose of Glycotoxin when he tried to play. Luckily for him, there are a couple healthy lemons nearby... Hang in there little guy!

Jewels decides to take the random teleporter for a spin, and ends up far from her Capillata home! In a flash of blue, she's instantly whisked away to the Crypt in the Norn Terrarium on the Shee Ark! Not a very nice place to be, for sure. No food, no toys, no nothing. She'll have to get out of there soon, before it becomes her permanent residence!

What will come of poor Rupert and his toxic toy? Will Jewels make it out of the Crypt alive? What's happening back in the Meso? All will be told in due time. Keep your eyes out for the next update!


Katsune said...

This is so exciting. : D I hope my little bondi boy makes it out of this ok!

Grendel Man said...

And of course my norn has to wind up in a place where she'll get eat elevator syndrome and die.

Eh, whatever. Best of luck to all of the norns!

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