Exploration, ho!

Ever eager to explore, Rupert abandons the deadly toy and decides to take a trip to the Shee Starship. He seems to be shivering a lot from the Glycotoxin, but I believe he got some food in his system, so he should make a full recovery. Right as Rupert is transported to safety, Marty decides join him on his exploration of the Starship, blissfully passing the toxic doll by as he boldly goes! Perhaps the two will find adventures together as they wander the halls of the Shee Ark!

Another bit of good news, Jewels has found her way out of the dark Crypt and has stumble upon a patch of delicious carrots on Dave's Hill. She seems pleased with herself as she settles down for a well deserved rest. Perhaps she's found herself an easy life in the Norn Terrarium. She'll be safe so long as she doesn't develop a wanderlust, and find herself in the cold dampness of the Jungle...

As I check back in the Meso, I'm greeted with the sound of the Random Teleporter in action. It seems not all the little Norns are so content to stay put! Stella makes a quick getaway as Bubbles is transported who knows where. The cautious little Astro girl wants nothing to do with this teleporter!

Bubbles finds herself in a less than ideal area as she's whisked away to the Jungle. She quickly makes it her duty to eat every mushroom in sight. She seems to have the sense to keep away from the Rocklice, however. Who knows, perhaps she could thrive in the Jungle, as few have done in the past?

Checking back in the Meso, it seems another little one has developed a wanderlust. Also joining the exploration crew of the Shee Starship is Martha, who seems determined to push every button she can get her little paws on. Sorry luv, no airlock buttons for you! Pursuing her love of buttons, Martha makes a few back and forth trips from Capillata to Starship. Though it seems she's settled on the Starship, keeping the company of Rupert all for herself as Marty explores further.

I do a quick head count in the Meso, and discover a particularly green head missing from the group! Upon further investigation, it seems Tigger has given in to his Treehugger nature and has used the Random Teleporter to find himself less crowded living space. He finds himself in the Aquatic Terrarium, a beautiful oasis full of life, and home to one of two Ice Cream Machines I've placed throughout the world!

The remaining Norns in the Meso seem to be enjoying their simple life, content to stay put and enjoy each others company. Tom seems to have a calming effect on Fifi, whose temper has decreased considerably since he started following her. Nice and Davidson are certainly enjoying themselves, creating a grand noise on the Musicola together! Tolerance doesn't seem to love it as much as they do, preferring the peace and quiet on the floor below.

All seems to be well in the Meso. Stella and Davidson have discovered the Holistic Learning Machine, and have full vocabularies to show from it!
Already, half the Norns have abandoned their Meso home in search for a home of their own. Some have found easy life in idyllic paradises, others adventure in areas less forgiving... Though as the music in the area becomes ominous, I fear it may not have been the wisest decision to venture forth at such a young age...


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