Growing Up, Settling Down

As I check on all the little Norns, it becomes evident that my fears have been realized. Both Tigger and Marty appear to be unwell. Marty hasn't moved from the spot, instead he lies there, moaning in hunger. Tigger is pacing conveniently by an Ice Cream Machine, but is too distracted to utilize it. He paces back and forth in front of the door, occasionally whimpering as he tries to ignore his pressing hunger...

With a stroke of luck, Marty is disturbed from his stupor by Rupert. Marty decided to follow Rupert down the hall. First heading straight to the Jungle, where he made a quick snack before heading back out and into the Norn Terrarium with his friend. The music is still ever ominous, but with plenty of food in the area, I think he'll make it.

It seems Bubbles has also left the unforgiving Jungle and made her way to the Norn Terrarium. Relieved to find herself in a more comfortable area, she gladly accepts the rich food supply and proceeds to befriend Jewels before settling down for a long needed nap. It would seem that the little ones prefer the company of others to lurking alone in cold, unfamiliar places!

Back in the Meso, everyone remains content to stay put and grow old together. It appears as though all these Norns will survive into adolescence! All six of the Meso Norns have learned their full vocabulary, and are perfectly happy to not do anything interesting. Fifi, Tom, Tolerance, Nice, Davidson, and Stella are all safe in the comforts of the Meso. Though they appear to be getting a little crowded!

Or a lot crowded, it seems! In a fit of claustrophobia, Nice rushes to the nearest teleporter. Unfortunately, he was in a bit of a group and ended up transporting both himself and two of the girls to who knows where! After a bit of searching, it seems that he and Tolerance aren't far from home, just in the Capillata Workshop.

Fifi, however, was transported all the way to the Shee Starship Bridge! Stella transported to the Bridge not far behind her. She appears to be in good spirits about it all, but we'll see what happens when loneliness sets in. Will her temper rise without the company of Tom?

 Nice and Tolerance made their way back to the Meso through another teleporter, and are safe at home with Tom and Davidson. Bubbles has ventured back into the Jungle, and Martha hasn't moved a muscle since arriving in the Bridge. It would seem that all is not well in the Norn terrarium, though. Marty has stumbled upon some Macrobacteria. He's not the only one sick, however. Tigger has also come across some sort of illness and now punctuates his eternal pacing with sneezes.

Two more have left the Meso, leaving just one girl with three boys. While some are safe in their new homes, it's evident that the days of some may be numbered... All have survived past childhood and into adolescence, and may yet make it to adulthood. Only time will tell.

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Unknown said...

Hopefully, one of the norns will do something unforgivably terrible. That'd be interesting.

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