Life, Death, and Teleporters

As the run marches on, I'm greeted with a terrible surprise. Tom, becoming bored of his life in the Meso, has decided to go exploring and has succumbed to boredom, and has been infected by the Toxic doll... However, despite the Glycotoxin coursing through his tiny system, he sees fit to make himself the first father of the run with none other than Tolerance!

Tom makes his way back to the Meso to find food, and Tolerance lays her egg. A beautiful strawberry speckled egg that I quickly placed in storage. Tom and Tolerance's baby will be hatched with any other eggs from the run at a later date. Pleased with herself, Tolerance heads back to the Meso for a well needed rest. Tom seems to be recovering from the Glycotoxins well, so I leave them in the Meso for some well deserved peace and quiet.

Sadly, with the promise of new life, death was right around the corner. The soft tones of the Meso music turn dark and ominous as I discover the forlorn body of a small Treehugger boy. Our dear Tigger has passed on today, leaving this mortal coil forever more. His fragile immune system just couldn't handle all the illness he suffered... Farewell, dear Tigger. You will be missed.

Elsewhere on the Shee Starship, Bubbles, Fifi, and Stella have all gathered around poor Martha, who seems to have resigned herself to her death. Fifi and Stella have become quiet violent, slapping everyone in sight. Each other, Bubbles, and even poor Martha, who won't even get up to defend herself. Bubbles makes a quick getaway to the Norn Terrarium, and seems to have captured the heart of a certain Bondi boy!

Romance has bloomed in the Norn Terrarium, but not with new sweethearts, Bubbles and Rupert. Instead, a rather unsuspecting couple of Norns, who have been left alone in the Terrarium for most of the run have produced the second egg! Yes, Jewels and Marty have hit it off during their time together. More good news, the happy couple have now completely recovered from the Macrobacteria. A love forged through illness and affliction is a strong one, eh?

Another tragic death has followed the laying of the second egg. Alas, poor Martha has given in to starvation. A tragic end to her first and last adventure... Sadly, I fear more deaths may be imminent as I hear the pained moans of Fifi and Stella as they cry for food. Stella becomes more violent in her hunger, repeatedly hitting both nearby gadgets and Fifi. Fifi feels only despair as she lies there, voicing her dislike for Stella as she moans pitifully for seeds she'll never find...

All of the Norns have sprouted up into adulthood, all except for Rupert who, due to his Bondi genetics, will always be the last to reach a lifestage. It seems that Tolerance has once again become pregnant, this time with Nice's child. I feel a prickling of dread as she lays her brightly colored egg, as it seems for every egg laid, another Norn dies...

 It seems that many Norns are in danger of death! Fifi and Stella are starving... Marty is in the Jungle, eating mushrooms... And poor Davidson has been infected with a large dose of Glycotoxin! Though the next event I am greeted with is not of death, but of another pregnancy! Rupert and Fifi have had an egg together. I fear for Fifi's sake, as pregnancy can significantly harm a starving Norn...

As I check back in Meso, I see Tom disappear as he works the Random Teleporter. Instantly, he's transported to the Comms Room, where he finds another Random Teleporter! Curiosity overcame him, and he pushed the device. He was whisked away to the Bridge, where he pushed that teleporter and found himself in the Jungle. What he did next was no surprise, he teleported himself back to the bridge! Goodness Tom! He finally settled on a destination; the Desert, which has been modified into a fruitful oasis through the use of Bramboo and a nice didgeridoo to play!

Back in the Meso, all is well. Davidson plays his wacky tunes on the Musicola while Nice and Tolerance feast on carrots. Once again, Tolerance has become pregnant, though this time the father is Davidson. Only three Norns left in the Meso now. Davidson, Nice, and Tolerance, all still perfectly content to stay put where it's safe. Perhaps they've noticed how the others who left have never returned. For these three, there truly is no place like home!

I check back on the Norns in the bridge, and I'm saddened by their sorry state. Stella has become obsessed with the medicine vendor, repeatedly pushing it, stopping only when exhaustion takes over and she falls asleep. Fifi and Rupert haven't moved an inch. They both lie there, moaning pitifully as they slowly starve to death. I fear the worst as they both chorus their doom. "Eat elevator"...

Two Norns have already left our numbers, and I fear more may join them soon. Still ten remain, fighting to survive on their own. Who will rise up, and outlast the rest?

*Bubbles (F Bruin) - GirlySatan

*Nice (M Chichi) - OctoberFlash
*Jewels (F Painted Chichi) - Grendel Man
*Marty (M Zebra) - Puddini
*Martha (F Bengal) - Charity
*Tigger (M Treehugger) - Rascii
*Stella (F Astro) - Panda-mist
*Tom (M Fallow) - Emma
*FiFi (F Siamese) - magpie-angel
*Davidson (M Harlequin) - spykkie
*Tolerance (F Magma) - Odul
*Rupert (M Bondi) - kezune


Lauren Thorpe said...

ah no poor fifi :< my norns never do very well in wolfing runs xD at least she has had a baby

Salabasama said...

I am proud of Tolerance's strategic birth-murdering.

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